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We are conveniently located on 130 E. 4th Street in Carthage

We are conveniently located on 130 E. 4th Street in Carthage

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Summertime Safety 

We all know that protecting our skin from harmful UV rays is extremely important, but what about our eyes? According to the American Optometric Association, only 40% of Americans wear sunglasses to protect their eyes and vision from the sun. The sun can actually cause damage to many parts of the eye, such as the eyelids, the conjunctiva, the cornea, the lens, and the retina. Over time, continuous UV damage can cause the eyes to age prematurely, causing early cataracts, macular degeneration, and even skin cancer.

We're here to promote all the fun in the sun, but safely! Remember to wear your sunglasses while enjoying time with your family and friends this summer!

From now until further notice, we will be closing our doors for routine, non-essential care. We feel it is important to keep our staff, their families, and our patients safe during this difficult time, so we will only be accepting emergency visits by appointment. If you need to come to the office for any reason- PLEASE call first and we can find an appropriate time to come in order to keep compliance with the social distancing guidelines in place by the CDC. If it is not necessary for you to come, please stay home. If you have had ANY symptoms of cough, sore throat, fever, etc, please stay home. If you have an upcoming appointment, please be expecting a call to reschedule. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please know that we are doing our best to take care of your and our community’s overall health during this pandemic.